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The current build of DBDesigner 4 can be downloaded via the download page. DBDesigner 4 is an Open Source project and is published under GNU GPL. It is available for free download. By downloading any package you agree to the GNU GPL.

Goto the fabFORCE download page.  

There are several packages available.
  • DBDesigner4_Setup.exe (for Windows 2k/XP)
    Prefered download for most Windows users. A Setup Wizard will guide you through the installation process and can create shortcuts on your desktop and start menu. Includes all binaries and HTML documentation.

  • DBDesigner4.X.X.XXX.tar.gz (for Linux)
    A compressed tar-file containing all binaries and the online documentation. You have to extract the files to your harddrive manually by executing
    tar xvzf DBDesigner4.X.X.XXX.tar.gz in your HOME directory. You have to run the startdbd script (./startdbd) to start DBDesigner4.

    To install DBDesigner4 for all users, extract the tar archive to /usr/local/bin directory (but please notice that you have to edit the startdbd script manually [see line 4]).

  • DBDesigner4.*.zip (for Windows 2k/XP)
    Advanced users can download the Zip distributions. You have to extract the files to your harddrive manually e.g. using WinZip. Remember to activate the extraction of stored directory information.

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